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[April 28, 2007 4:53pm]

I'm finally getting the hang of things at work. I worked 5-12 yesterday and this time, I didn't want to die at the end of my shift and my feet didn't feel as if they wanted to come off. I lucked out because they had me working as an usher, and not at concession stand, and I hated it. Since my job as usher wasn't cleaning the theaters, it was standing at the post and ripping tickets, it was the most boring thing ever. It was just me and this girl Pearl doing it. It was terrible. Pablo, the night manager, came in after I had been there about an hour, and he needed someone to help him and I practically begged him to take me out of usher and, luckily, he did. He likes me because I stayed with him until midnight on Sunday, and he has taken to calling me his "buddy." I'm only on the schedule for yesterday and Monday, but he told me he might call me in tomorrow, too. Then on Monday is the Spider Man 3 premier where I get to stand in the box office and wave at all the celebrities as they walk in. Probably the most boring job, but I get to see all the famous people, lol, and I don't have to work concession which is going to be a mess that day.

Other than that, I am counting the days until school ends. I sent in my deposit for Hofstra, so that's where I'm definately going, and I've also decided not to dorm. I'm just ready for senior year to be over.


[April 17, 2007 12:10am]
[ mood | numb ]

Although this comes many, many hours late, I just want to state my shock and disbelief over what happened at Virginia Tech today. I didn't find out about what happened until I got home from school -- the internet connection was down in school today, so there was no way for me to know beforehand. I just can't believe that something like this can happen. Thirty three dead; almost as much injured. No words can even fully express how I feel about the situation. I'm not going to even try to put it into words. All I can say is that my heart goes out to every who was affected by this horrific event. Perhaps this can maybe lead to stronger gun control laws to prevent events like this from ever occuring again.


Hofstra '11 [April 14, 2007 4:43pm]
So I had my tour of Hofstra today and I know that it's where I want to go. I actually really liked the campus. Not as much as I loved Quinnipiac's campus, but Quinnipiac is just way too far for me. Hofstra's only a half hour away, so I can still live on campus and be able to come home whenever I want to see my family and my babies (aka my animals). So on Monday I am going to send all my deposits and whatnot in and be comforted by the fact that I know where I am going to spend the next four years of my life. How I am going to pay for the tuition, on the other hand, is a whole different story.

I apparantly start my job next week at the movie theaters. I haven't been called yet, but one of the guys who works there went into my sister's restaurant yesterday and told her I start working next week. Hopefully it's after next Tuesday because I really want to go to the Plain White T's concert. Yeah, they're no Circa Survive, but even so. I'm still comforting myself with the fact that Circa will be at Bamboozle and Warped. So I will see them. 

I also now have three Calculus tutors that are going to be working with me to try and help me to possibly pass. Hopefully I can just swing the 65 on my report card and be done with it. Although I do hate myself for asking to be moved int Calculus when I knew my Advanced Algebra grade just wasn't high enough. I don't know why I torture myself. 

Now that I know where I'm going to college, though, I just want college to come now. The idea of starting fresh, a whole new life, new friends... it's exciting. Even though there are a bunch of people from my school going to Hofstra.. whatever. It's a big school - 8,000 undergrad - so I probably won't run into them. Although Hannibal, Kashif, and Lance are going, and I'm cool with them, so that's fine. Some other people that are going... not so much. But oh well. 

School can't end fast enough. June 12th is my last day. By my count, there are only 39 more days of school left... 39 more days of calculus.. 39 more days until freedom, basically. I'm probably building college up to be a bigger thing than it actually is, but it can't be worse than high school.

[April 11, 2007 6:39pm]
School started today. Pretty shitty day. My fears were confirmed -- I am indeed failing Calculus. It's kind of put me in a depressed state to be honest. The first time I am ever going to fail a class is going to be in the last term of high school. It's just depressing. Why did I take Calculus? :(

I started my driving lessons this week. I am doing okay, according to my instructor. Although he is the worst instructor ever. He makes me drive him to Home Depot and then make me sit in the car for twenty minutes while he goes inside and returns paint -- and this is, of course, cutting into my driving time. Then, the next day, he makes me drive him to Dunkin Donuts so that he can get food. And instead of instructing me, he talks on his stupid cell phone. My sister was teaching me better than that. And my road test is next Wednesday -- aka I'm not going to pass. 

I'm considering just not going to the overnight visit to Pace that I signed up for. I have a tour of Hofstra at 9:30 this Saturday, and if I like the campus, that's it, that's where I'm going. I have to make a decision soon before I go crazy -- not to mention that the deadline is May 1. I'm pretty comfortable with the thought of going to Hofstra, though, so hopefully it will be okay. I'm going to dorm -- which is good, I think -- but I'm still only 35 minutes from home, so I can come and see my dogs and cat whenever I want. Oh, and my family, too, of course ;). 

Oh, oh, ohh. My movie theater which I just secured a job at (hopefully; I handed in the final papers yesterday and am still waiting for call) is hosting the premier of Spider Man 3! They're re-doing the whole theater, we're getting brand new uniforms, and they're rolling out the red carpet for all the celebs. They even rented the P.C. Richards' parking lot across the street to house the limos. It should be awesomeeee. My sister knows the manager because she works at the Unos right on the corner and the manager always goes in there, so she managed to score two tickets to the premier. If, for some reason, I don't get the job, I will be able to attend the event instead of working it. So yes, not gonna lie, I am half hoping I don't get the job, haha. 

I should probably do my calculus homework, but now that I am already for sure failing.... I don't know that I'm gonna bother.


[April 05, 2007 2:11pm]
Michael Buble on American Idol last night  = love. Although no one got his Antonella Barba joke, I thought it was funny. Honestly, can he be any cuter? Him and Blake on the same stage was nice stuff. I was clearly also loving all the Cake moments. Blake & Chris are probably the only two contestants I actually care about. I like, to a lesser degree, Jordin, but I'm kinda hit and miss with her.

American Idol talk aside, I'm getting a job! I sent in my application to work at Kaufmann like two months ago, and they finally called me yesterday. I have to go in today to speak to the lady and all that fun stuff. Now I can finally make money ;). 

Unfortunately, my Circa Survive tickets sold out :(. I'm going to keep checking Craigslist. Someone's selling them on ebay for $75 a ticket which is absolutely insane seeing as the face value of the ticket is $15.50. If worse comes to worse, I'll show up on the night of the concert and try and get tickets. I can't miss Circa =(. But I am trying to comfort myself with the fact that, even if I do miss it, they'll be at Bamboozle & Warped this year, so it won't be my only chance to see them. Although it would be my only chance to see them headline. Argh.

Lost was soo good last night, although I am hating the whole Jack/Juliet romance that they're getting ready to shove down our throats. I am a die-hard Jate fan =) 

Spring Break is going by waaay to quickly. 

The week of April 16th is going to be so jam packed for me, starting even before that Monday. Saturday  the 14th I have a tour of Hofstra, Sunday the 15th I go up to Pace Pleasantville for an overnight stay, so I come home Monday afternoon, Tuesday is the Plain White T's concert (the tickets I bought to try and make up for missing Circa), Wednesday is my road test, Thursday I am going to try and get into the Circa concert, and then Friday to Sunday I am, at this point, free. But if I get the job, things could get even more complicated with work scheduling thrown in there. Ack.

Why are my entries always all over the place?


[April 02, 2007 5:13pm]
I visited the Pace Pleasantville campus this weekend. I've been wanting to go to Pace for awhile, but after seeing that campus, I'm thinking that it's less likely. I don't know.. I just didn't like the campus at all. I don't know if it was because we were given a crappy tour or what. It just seemed kind of old and outdated looking. I did like that the dorms were pretty big compared to other schools I've visited, and the had an actual farm on the campus, lol, but everything else just seemed... meh. I've been trying to imagine myself living on campus and I don't know that I would be happy living there. 

I'm going to go visit Hofstra this weekend and that's the school that I'm actually thinking I'm going to go to. If the campus blows me away -- like I expect it to -- then it's going to be a definate yes. 

Other than my college woes... nothing else is going on. American Idol tomorrow! [Yes, I'm a dork]

I also saw Premonition yesterday. Eh. I didn't really like it. SPOILERS. Going into the movie, all I was hoping was that it wouldn't be another one of those future movies where, in trying to stop said event from happening, our hero/heroine causes said event to happen. Lo and behold, it was one of the movies. The movie was just predictable, had gaping plot holes, and tried too hard to be something else. I will say, though, that Sandra Bullock was charming and looked beautiful. I've always found her unattractive but she looked beautiful the whole movie. I don't know what it was. Julian McMahon, although lacking in screen time, was also a nice eye candy treat, especially since Nip/Tuck won't be back for awhile.

I still have to see The Lookout with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Shooter with Mark Wahlberg.


[March 29, 2007 11:25pm]
Today, after school, I spent four hours with this girl, Jessica, who I haven't actually been friends with for about a year. It's a long story, but basically we stopped being friends (and we were best friends at that) after I got fed up with her treating me like crap. She would invite me to sleep over her house, then stay upstairs in her room and leave me by myself downstairs so she could talk to her boyfriend all night. She would ditch me to go hang out with other people without so much as the courtesy to tell me anything. She would just walk away. It got to the point where it all just boiled over and I couldn't take it anymore. 

This term, though, we got stuck in the same Playwriting class together. The class sucks, but we spend most of our time talking -- her, myself, Rooki, and John. Slowly we began to talk again, but nothing big -- just talking in class, and sometimes hanging out after class because both of us, as well as Rooki, have free periods. Today after school I got on the bus with Stacey and she got on at the next stop. We all took the train together, and when it was time for her to get off to go to Austin street, she asked why don't I just go with her. I was cautious -- I was afraid it would be awkward -- but I did anyway. 

At first, it was awkward. There was the boring "so where are you going to college?" chit chat, then long periods of silence. But it slowly got better. We were joking and laughing in the stores, we sat in AJ's for forever while we ate pizza, then I went with her back to school because she was performing in Festival of Nations, so I was going to help her get ready and then head back home. We actually talked to each other, and I mean really talked. She told me about her problems with Rooki, and I told her about my problems with Jackie, this girl I used to be friends with. We actually just confided in one another which felt strange but good at the same time.

I don't really forsee us ever going back to how we were -- especially with everyone going off in different directions this June -- but I'm glad that, at least until we graduate, I have a friend to rely on.

This year has been tough with the whole friend issue. In senior year, you just kinda hang out with whomever is around. Everyone's schedules are so radically different that you just basically have to adapt and be friends with whoever has free periods when you do. The whole year has really just felt like I was biding time. I do have a few people I talk to, but it's still nice to have somewhat made up with Jessica and to know that maybe we can continue to hang out like we did today.

Anywayy. Tomorrow is the last day of school and then Spring Break! I'm exciting. The whole four hours of sleep a night that I get just isn't cutting it for me. A week of sleep is what I need, haha.

[March 29, 2007 12:03am]
Blake is safe!

I think I decided on what college I want to go to [Hofstra].
I think I have deiced to dorm, as much as it's going to hurt me to leave my cat & dogs behind.

The guidance counselor's at my school suck at life, and now my mom has to call the principal tomorrow to deal with my schedule issue.

Two more days of school until a glorious break.

CIRCA SURVIVE CONCERT ON APRIL 19TH! I have to buy my tickets this Friday.. but I am *so* freaking exciting. One of my favorite bands, and I unfortunately missed them at Bamboozle last year. Now they're touring and I will not miss it for the worlddd. Anthony Green, here I come! 

Possibly going to the Plain White T's concert on April 17th also, but that may be too many concerts in too short of time.. especially because they're both during the week. Blah. But I saw the Plain White T's in November, so I'll survive.

The Used's new CD comes out May 22. Yes, I am already counting down. <3

Michael Buble's new CD comes out on May 1st. It's still over a month away, but I am eagerly anticipating. I love me some Michael Buble.

Spiderman 3 Trailer during LOST. Looks absolutely amazinggg, can't wait for May.

LOST was amazingly crazy tonight. Lovedddd it. The season is finally turning around for the good. Next week looks sick. Kate did break Jack's heart. She broke mine, too, when she slept with Sawyer.

And this has been a post of random ramblings. 



Taste of Chaos [March 25, 2007 6:20pm]

Taste of Chaos was amazing. There is really no other way to describe it. 

It started off a little rough -- my sister decided to take forever to get ready and we left an hour later than planned -- at 3:45 instead of 4:45. Then, on top of that, we got lost getting to Asbury Park, so we didn't get there until 5:30-ish, and we missed the Battle of the Bands winner and Evaline play. I got on the merch line to get a Senses Fail hoodie, and by the time we finally got out and made our way to the stage area, I had missed most of Chiodos' set. I got to see them play the last three songs of their set at least, and I did get some pictures.

After Chiodos, Aiden came on. I never really listened to Aiden that much before, but wiL is gorgeous and brings such energy and excitement to the stage that he definately made a fan out of me. I have a few of their songs on my iPod, but I'm definately getting full CDs now. After Aiden, Saosin played. I saw Saosin in November when they opened for Senses Fail, and they were great tonight, too. I got some great picture of Cove singing. After their set f inished, me and my sister and I walked around and luckily we ran into wiL from Aiden and I got to get an autograph and take a picture with him. :) He's honestly the hottest guy that I have ever met, and the hottest band member I have ever met, knocking Jared Leto, Rob Thomas, Tim from the Plain White T's, Tom from the Plain White T's, and a whole bunch of other band members out of the running. After I met wiL, we went back inside for the highlight of my night... Senses Fail.

I saw Senses Fail exactly four months ago on November 25th. It was the best show I had been to, even though I got stuck in the crowd and me being only 5'2 had some trouble seeing. But this time, we stood on the outskirts of the crowd and I got to see and photograph the whole set. It was amazing. Senses Fail has it's off moments on live shows -- sometimes Buddy's voice just isn't up for it. But tonight, he was spot on. He only played one song from Let in Enfold You, but the song selection was good from the new CD -- he played Shark Attack and The Priest and the Matador, two of my favorite songs off of the CD. When they finished, the set felt entirely too short. I wish they had let them headline instead of 30STM.

After Senses Fail, me and my sister made our way to where Saosin had been doing their signing. We missed the signing, but luckily Cove & Chris were still there, and I got to take a picture with the two of them. Then we went and sat in the stands for 30 Seconds to Mars. I used to be a big 30 Seconds to Mars fan, but Jared Leto has really turned me off of the band. He is such a tool, there's honeslty no other word to explain him. He knows he comes from a career of being a pretty boy actor, and it's as if he feels he needs to make up for that by proving how hardcore and emo he is. It doesn't work. Their whole set and show just comes off as incredibly forced and fake. Then, he comes out with his guitar strapped to him, but he can't play guitar and sing at the same time, which resulted in him not singing at all for 50% of the time. After their third song in their hour long set, my sister and I just got up and left and walked around until their last song - The Kill - where we made a lucky choice of standing stage right and Jared Leto actually walked into the crowd and he was literally three feet from me, and I was able to snag some good pictures. Although I don't much care for him, so it isn't all that exciting.

After 30 Seconds to Mars came... The Used. While Senses Fail was the highlight of the night because I love them so much, The Used really had the best set. This was the first time I saw them lived (This was my third time for Senses Fail, and second time for Saosin and 30 Seconds to Mars), and they really brought it. Bert is AMAZING live. Not only that, he also involved the audience and gets everyone into the music. I got great pictures of him, as well as five videos of him performing. 

All in all, the night was definately one to remember. One of the best -- if not the best -- concert experiences ever.

wiL from Aiden & I [&hearts]

Cove, Chris, and Me. I look disgustinggg... this was after screaming and jumping for a half hour during Senses Fail's set.

My sister & I waiting for Saosin to play

My favorite banddd <3

On the way home after an amazing Taste of Chaos experience

Change. [March 22, 2007 6:13pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

It's funny how things can change. Not only in yourself, but the people around you. I'm in the last few months -- hell, weeks -- of my senior year, and thinking back on the last four years, all I can think about is how much I, my friends, my tastes, have changed. Some of it for the good -- I've become less bitchy - Not completely unbitchy, haha, but more reserved, only whipping out the bitchiness when the occasion calls for it - I've matured as a person, my music tastes have changed for the better (rap? what was I thinking?), and I've just become generally more happy with who I am, no longer feeling the need to dress and look and act a certain way to be liked.

But then there are things that change for the bad. You lose friends you never wanted to lose. You make friends that just aren't good for you, who influence you in the wrong ways, who treat you like shit, who make you feel bad about yourself. But you're afraid to let them go for fear of loneliness. Then there was loss by way of death, the loss of a friend that was just an amazing person, taken before his time and missed more than he'll ever know.

It just kind of blows my mind the way things change. It's not like I want everything to stay the same, but... I don't know. The arrival of college is soon coming and things like this just weigh on my mind. My high school experiences haven't been great, and I fear that my college years will follow that pattern. Maybe this is premature -- college is five months away, and I don't even know where I want to go yet -- but I'm a loser and I do a lot of thinking.

In any case. I have ranted enough. On to better things.

P.S. Two more days until Taste of Chaos! Senses Fail <3

Blake is Safe! [March 21, 2007 10:05pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Blake is safe again this week! Not that I had any doubt he would be. I'm guessing by the reveal of who was safe and who wasn't, Blake, Melinda, and Phil Stacey were in the top three.. which would fall right in line with Dial Idol's vote count, so it makes sense. Bring on 90's week!

Lost is on now, and I'm kind of half paying attention to it. Is it just me, or has the show just gone down in quality since half way through season two? I watch just because I keep hoping that some good will eventually come back out, but meh. I just haven't been impressed in awhile. 

Taste of Chaos is this Saturday and I am so excited. Senses Fail is my favorite band, and whenever I get to see them live, it's just the most amazing thing ever. Not only that, The Used will be there, and they're one of my favorite bands, too. If only Taking Back Sunday were there, too, it would be pretty damn near perfect. 

Anyway. I'm going to try and pay attention to Lost. Lataaa =]

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